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If you are thinking of relocating abroad and wish to take your personal car with you, there are a few things that you ought to think about. For instance, will the host country allow such importation of private cars; what are the environmental and safety regulations of the host country; what are the car maintenance standards of the host country; what are the estimated costs of customs duty and importation taxes; what grade of fuel does that country use and what are the cost of such driving fuel. All these types of information are available from the consulate of the destination country which has their offices in the US. Your next assignment is to locate a good, reputable and experienced international car shipping company who has proven expertise in international shipping. Since this king of shipping requires a specific type of knowledge and expertise, ordinary shipping companies may not be the right choice. You could check the moving company’s credentials from the US Department of Transportation and the Better Business Bureau for record of their past business transactions. Referrals from their old customers could also be another starting point for your consideration. Remember your car will be transported by one of the following methods:

RO/RO (Roll on-Roll off): This is considered to be one of the least expensive methods of shipping a car to a foreign location. By this method, the car is loaded on to a RO-RO vessel, which is similar to a car ferry and shipped from one embarkation port to another port of destination.

20 ft. Steel Container: This method of shipping is a bit more expensive than the RO-RO method but is known for offering better security during transit. In this method, the car is loaded on to a steel container in a secured condition which is then loaded on to a container vessel before being shipped to the destination country.

40 ft. Steel Container: These types of containers are used not just to ship cars but the household goods along with it. The household goods are packed and loaded on to the container first followed by building a bulkhead made of wood to keep the goods secure and unshakeable. Then the car is loaded and finally the container is secured before it takes off in the sea.

The shipping charges will vary according to the size of your car and the option that you choose from the above. Before finalizing any deal with an international car shipper, get a minimum 4 to 5 quotes so that you are able to assess and judge them properly. During the preparation phase of your car for international relocation, remember to keep only the factory-installed accessories in the car and remove all other moveable items from inside the car. These can then be packed with other household goods. Though some companies promise to take these goods in the trunk of the car, but in case there is any pilferage during transit, you may not be able to claim damages from the insurance company for these goods.
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